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GRADE: 9 - 12 (Two years required)


Mission Statement

The CHS Physical Education Department is committed to the health, fitness and well-being of all students and ensures a well-rounded experience in the development and understanding of physical skills while advancing towards the understanding of lifelong fitness.



We believe each student is capable of achieving any physical goal, however small or big, short term or long term, when they are encouraged and taught the proper skills and techniques needed to develop a healthy and productive lifestyle.


At Capuchino, Physical Education classes are vigorous, educational and give students many opportunities to make choices, set goals and work to achieve them. Mustangs live healthy and active lifestyles. Students are expected to dress in a P.E. uniform daily (green on top, black on the bottom - activewear/no jeans) and participate in a variety of activities such as cardiovascular and strength training exercises, team sports, individual or dual sports, aquatics, dance, and more. All students will also complete written assignments online to further their knowledge of the body, fitness principles, health topics and information about various sports and activities. The main goal is for all students to be able to take charge of their fitness and health beyond high school.

Weight Training

The weightlifting class was designed to provide students with the knowledge needed for strength and fitness training. Students will understand the importance of setting goals for personal improvement and achievement, and will leave the class with a lifelong understanding of how to maintain adequate physical fitness for a healthy lifestyle.


Instructional Philosophy:
Students will be provided with the necessary training on each specific exercise so that training can be executed safely. Students are encouraged to remain positive with themselves, as well as with other students in order to maintain a good training atmosphere. It is important to realize that everyone begins this course, and progresses through this course at his own rate, as they reach their own individual goals. Safety is always given the first priority in this class.


Class Objectives:

- The students will improve their muscle strength and endurance through weight training exercises.

- The students will gain knowledge of equipment and safety procedures with free weights and machine weights.

- The students will recognize and identify the benefits of regular physical activity and see first hand the effects on themselves through class participation.

- The students will develop a weight-training program using training principles.

Teen Health an interesting site for frequently asked questions regarding health and fitness issues for teens.

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