Capuchino High School

Tutorial and Enrichment

Homework Center/Tutorial Services

FREE Tutoring is available after school on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in the Homework Center located in our library. 

Teachers and peer tutors are available to provide academic support to students.

After School Tutorial Schedule in Library

Day - Time - Tutoring Teacher

Monday - 3:15-4:15, Ms. Vosberg (history) and Mr. Connelly/Ms. Kanshaw (English)

Tuesday - 3:15-4:15, Ms. Colangelo (health), Ms. Maund (history), Ms. Habeeb (math), and Ms. Borcherdt (English)

Wednesday - 3:15-4:15, Mr. Holtz (English), Ms. Valleta/Mr. Kingston (science)

Academic Support Time

Students also have the opportunity to receive extra support during Academic Support Time on Wednesdays. Students may study, receive help from their teachers and make-up tests and quizzes. 

Students must obtain a CAP PASS to see a teacher during this time.

study group.png

How to Study in Groups - Tips & Tools

Study Groups

1.Choose a group wisely
2.Set a start/end time
3.Meet in a non-social location
4.Create rules (no phones, etc.)
5.Decide on a goal
6.Stick to rules!