Capuchino High School

Senior Year Action Checklist


  • Continue your challenging classes and keep your grades up.  DON’T get Senioritis!

  • Meet with Counselor one on one to discuss post-high School plans

  • Investigate a broad list of colleges and enter them in Naviance.

  • Attend Common App and UC/CSU Workshops

  • Take or re-take SAT/ACT to improve scores

  • Request letters of Recommendation through Naviance BY NOVEMBER 13.

  • Request transcripts for Private School Applications and scholarships

  • Finalize Personal Statement Draft. (UC and Private schools only)

  • Complete Cal Grant Forms

  • Get your college applications in as early as you can.  ALL CSU/UC APPLICATIONS DUE 11/30A

  • Applying to Private Schools

  •   *Attend mandatory Common Application workshop

               *Prepare for interviews by looking at common questions and doing mock interviews with others.

               *Check for individual deadlines and mark your calendar

               *Complete supplemental essays

               *Create and Complete Common App as necessary

  • CHECK EMAIL OFTEN - Look out for messages from colleges you’ve applied to.

  • By January, follow through on any mid-year documentation requests

  • Attend Financial Aid Workshop

  • Fill out financial aid forms such as FAFSA, PROFILE etc. as needed.

  • Community College Applicants:  Attend CC workshops in February

               *Follow through on registration, requirements and placement testing

  • Complete FAFSA by or before MARCH 2nd

  • Write thank you notes to anyone who has helped you. (those who wrote letters, interviewers etc.)

  • Take the last of your IB/ AP exams and/or your finals, then enjoy a fabulous graduation!

  • Request final transcript to be sent to college you will attend in the fall

Senior & Parent Night 2016 Presentation

Click here to view our Powerpoint presentation:  Senior Parent Counseling Night Presentation

Senior Parent Night Q & A

Student Aid/Loan

  • How soon should I get started on financial aid?
    Anytime after October 1. If filled out in October, may receive tentative Cal Grant eligibility in early November.

  • Can I “parent”


Senior Final Exams 2017





Apply for Federal & State Aid with a valid Social Security Number

1.  (FAFSA) Free Application for Federal Student Aid

2.  New Class of 2016- Seniors do not have to turn in a Cal Grant GPA Release Form if students did not opt out of Cal Grant when registering with SMUHSD.

Dream Act Students (AB540) Apply for California State Aid 

1.  California Dream Act Application

CA dream act.png


2.  New Class of 2016- Seniors do not have to turn in a Cal Grant GPA Release Form if students did not opt out of Cal Grant  when registering with SMUHSD.


Some independent colleges require additional forms or applications and have earlier priority deadlines.

CSS Profile for institutional aid is required at private some institutions. See college website for more information and fees.


FAFSA Logo.png

Seniors Can Apply for Federal & State Financial Aid
after January 1 (Deadline for Cal Grant Eligibility is March 2) 

List of Information needed to fill out the FAFSA

Student & one parent should apply for a FSA ID (this replaces the old PIN).


Last Names--A-F & ALL ELD Students
      Ms. Leticia Barajas
        (650) 558- 2712

     Last Names G-N
      Mr. Kevin Thomas
       (650) 558-2711

Last Names O-Z      
      Ms. Shannon Henricks (Millard)
       (650) 558- 2710

ELD Counselor/Attendance Dean

     Mr. Mauricio Rodriguez
          (650) 558-2759

Wellness Counselor

    Ms. Lucero Govea

         (650) 558-2776

Wellness Counselor

    Ms. Alexis Becerra

         (650) 558-2749


Capuchino Scholarship Listings -
See NAVIANCE for current listings!


ASSIST is an online student-transfer information system that shows how course credits earned at one public California college or university can be applied when transferred to another. ASSIST is the official repository of articulation for California’s public colleges and universities and provides the most accurate and up-to-date information about student transfer in California.

There are two ways to use ASSIST. Both ways use the same data but one leads you through the selection process a little differently from the other.

  • You can use ASSIST to find community college courses that are transferable to a UC or CSU campus and how those courses might be used to satisfy specific subject matter requirements for admissions, General Education, or lower division major preparation.
  • You can use ASSIST to explore the majors available at University of California and California State University campuses.

Explore Majors

If you want to find out about a specific major, search for majors that interest you, or explore majors available at university campuses in California, click Explore Majors below.


Explore Transfer Information

If you have already chosen a major or know what kind of information you want to see, select the transfer information you want to display by choosing an institution. You can select the institution you are transferring from or to.

ASSIST does not take the place of a counselor on your campus. It is intended to help students and counselors work together to establish an appropriate path toward transferring from a public California community college to a public California university.