Capuchino High School

Professional Development

Framework for Professional Development 2012-13

School Goal: All students will graduate demonstrating the knowledge and the skills necessary to be prepared for college and career.

High Leverage Problems On Our Campus:
  1. How do we make more students successful with more rigorous curriculum grades 9-12? (Long-term EL’s, Special Ed, Strategic, Intensive, even IB)
  2. How do we solve for the junior year leap into IB?
Professional Development Focus: Backwards Mapping to IB and the Essential Skills, so that our courses of study, instructional pedagogy and assessments are vertically aligned.
  • For 2012-13, the departments will continue to solidify their curricular vertical articulation and bring some resolution to the work from 2011-12.
  • For 2013-14, the school as a whole will shift its focus to more keenly address Instructional Practices and Assessments within the departments. Departments will establish best practices by way of using student work and other forms of assessment.
  • Departments, on an ongoing basis, will evaluate curriculum, instruction, and assessments and develop effective strategies to address our high leverage problems on campus.

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