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College of San Mateo

PEP Enrollment

Step Forward: Priority Registration
Learn how the priority registration process helped these Community College students focus on their priorities and get on the right track to completing their education.

College of San Mateo's Priority Enrollment Program (PEP) offers the most effective and timely way to complete the Path to Enrollment for students who plan to attend CSM.

The Path to Enrollment consist of the following:

  1. Apply for Admission
  2. Take Placement Tests
  3. Complete College Orientation
  4. Counseling Session
  5. Registration and Payment of Fees
  6. Activate Student email

Through PEP, incoming CSM students will have priority access to enrollment services which will increase their academic success. PEP offers events prior to Fall 2017 registration which allows students to complete placement tests and the College Orientation Workshop on the same day.

In addition, at the conclusion of each PEP Day, students will schedule an appointment to meet with a CSM counselor and begin the course selection process. PEP is offered beginning March 2017.


PEP (Priority Enrollment Program) allows students to complete the Path to Enrollment and gives students priority access to services at CSM. The following steps are part of the Path to Enrollment which will be completed as part of each PEP Day.

  • Placement Tests/Assessment
    Students are required to complete placement tests prior to attending the College Orientation Workshop. Test results determine skill level in English or English as a second language and mathematics.

   You must have a "G" number to schedule a testing appointment. Bring photo ID when arriving to take placement tests.

   If you have taken an AP, IB, ACT, EAP, or SAT, you may use scores from those tests instead of our placement tests.
   Click on English and Math Alternate Assessment Form to access a copy of the form.

  • College Orientation Workshop
    The workshop provides comprehensive information to students in college academic expectations and responsibilities and helps them learn about educational goals and planning.

PEP Enrollment for Students with Disabilities


Disabled Students Programs and Services (DSPS) provides support services and accommodations to students with verified physical, psychological and specific learning disabilities. New students entering college should contact us. Drop by or call.


For more PEP (Priority Enrollment Program) information or how to apply, please see Ms. Lynn at the College and Career Center.





Alicia Frangos
Student Success Coordinator
College Center Building 10, Room 340B 
(650) 574-6175

Carol Ullrich
Assessment Services Coordinator
College Center Building 10, Room 370A 
(650) 574-6175