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Free SAT & ACT test prep is available for CHS students on Naviance!

TOEFL  (Test of English as a Foreign Language)

ELM Practice - CSU English Level Mathematics Test

EPT Practice - CSU English Placement Test

Community Colleges
Accepting EAP
Scores for Placement

Choosing a College

College-Choices - A consumer reports guide to finding the Best Colleges for You.

Get in 2 College Handbook - A resource for college bound Capuchino students.

Pocket Guide - NSSE  Guide to Choosing a College.

You Visit---Take Virtual College Tours for campuses all over the world

College Information

University of California


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UC Majors 
A list of current majors at all campuses.

University of California - Admissions Information and application for the University of California System


University of California - Admissions Calculator


University of California A-G List - Access approved A-G list through Doorways.

California State University



California State University - Homepage for California State University system

CSU Degree -
Search for CSU Degree Programs

Explore California State University Campuses - Explore campus information and apply for the California State University system (csumentor)

CSU Campus Impaction 
CSU Undergraduate Impacted Major Search

CSU GPA Calculator - Calculate your UC/CSU GPA for admissions.

CSU Eligibility Index Calculator for SAT & ACT (scroll to bottom of webpage)


California Community College

California Community Colleges -   Information about all California Community Colleges Community College transfer information and major exploration for California 4-yr public universities

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IB "Friendly" Colleges and Universities

The following links may provide you information about IB "friendly" colleges and universities. This information has been provided to you as a resource. Please note that this information is subject to ...more

Want to Play Sports in College?

More College Searches

Transition Year

College Board
et Ready for College


College Week Live

College Portraits - Reliable information on more than 300 public college and universities in the U.S.

Princeton Review

Community College Finder

Who Do U Want 2B about the Ivy League System.  Not SMUHSD endorsed.  

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