Capuchino High School

School Data

School Quality Snapshot Report

The School Quality Snapshot displays a broad series of data that can be used to help inform parents and policy leaders about the success of each school. This broader view of accountability includes not only state assessment data, but other important types of information demonstrating school performance.

For a copy of the report, click here: sqsreport.pdf

2013-2014 School Quality Shapshot

2013-2014School Quality Shapshot
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School Accountability Report Card (SARC)

The School Accountability Report Card (SARC), which is required by law to be published annually, contains information about the condition and performance of each California public school.  More information about SARC requirements is available at the California Department of Education (CDE) web site at  

To review a hard copy of these reports, visit the Curriculum Library at the San Mateo Union High School District office. 

For a copy of the 2014-15 SARC click below:

English Version

Spanish Version

Single Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA)

The purpose of the SPSA is to coordinate all educational services at the school. The SPSA shall, at a minimum, address how funds provided to the school through any of the sources identified in EC Section 64000 will be used to improve the academic performance of all pupils to the level of the performance goals, as established by the API. The SPSA must integrate the purposes and requirements of all state and federal categorical programs in which the school participates. 

For a copy of the SPSA, click here:School Site Council

WASC Accreditation

The WASC accreditation process fosters excellence in elementary, secondary, and adult education by encouraging school improvement. WASC accreditation recognizes schools that meet an acceptable level of quality, in accordance with established, research-based WASC criteria.

For a copy of the WASC report, click here:


Visiting Committee Report 2012.pdf

School Safety Plan