Capuchino High School

University Recognition

Earning an IB Diploma opens many doors in higher education. Increasingly, colleges and universities are granting honors, advanced standing and/or advanced placement credit to IB Diploma holders. The UC system is now granting up to 30 quarter units (20 semester) open entry to IB Diploma recipients who earn a cumulative IB exam score of 24 or higher.

Diploma Programme

The IB Diploma is based on a holistic educational philosophy that requires students to master six academic subjects:

Students pursuing the IB Diploma will take classes and the corresponding exams in each subject area. Typically, three courses are taken at the higher (HL) level, requiring 240 hours of instruction with the remainder completed at the standard (SL) level. In addition, the student must successfully complete the CAS, Extended Essay and TOK requirements. Students earning a cumulative IB exam score of 24 or higher (maximum score is 45) are awarded the IB Diploma from the IBO Headquarters located in Geneva, Switzerland. All IB Diploma candidates graduate with honors from Capuchino High School

Students who do not wish to earn the IB Diploma may participate in the IB Programme as certificate students in one to five IB course areas. Certificate students are also required to take the IB exam for each IB course taken.          


IB Diploma vs. Certificate

The IB Diploma Candidate satisfies the following requirements:

  • Three Higher Level Courses  (exams to be taken in the senior year)
  • Three Standard Level Courses (two exams may be taken in the junior year)- The course work sequence is noted above and aligns with our district graduation as well as college entrance requirements.
  • Exams in these six courses with a cumulative score of 24
  • 150 hours of CAS (community, action, and service)
  • 4000 word Extended Essay (a faculty advisor will be selected to assist)
  • Theory of Knowledge Seminar Class (TOK: how we know what we know)


The IB Certificate Candidate can take any course singularly and the accompanying exam to earn college credit for that course alone.  This allows students to choose to participate fully or modify their program as they enter their senior year.