Capuchino High School

Dress Code Policy

Note to Families

Dress Code: We are expecting our students to dress in a manner that exudes academic scholarship and that is aligned to our school goal which will prepare them for their future as a college student and for a professional career. We believe that one of the essential skills that will prepare students for this is citizenship and part of this skill is personal presentation and appearance. Thus, we are banning excessively baggy clothing, black hooded pull-over sweatshirts (hoodies) and colors affiliated with street activity, like Red and Blue.  The goal is for Capuchino students to always present themselves as academic scholars and we want them to make wise decisions about how they may achieve this.  By banning certain colors, we also want to prevent certain influences that can pose a safety issue on campus. As an alternative, we strongly encourage Capuchino and college gear! 

Parents - please make sure your child does not wear excessively baggy clothing, black hooded pullover sweatshirts (hoodies), or any clothing that is primarily red or blue to school. The administration will be monitoring the manner students come dressed to school and will first warn students who do not follow the dress code. Disciplinary action will follow if students do not comply with the dress code starting the week of August 19th.


The school helps guide students towards becoming good citizens and participants in the employment market and larger society. Part of this responsibility involves appropriate dress and personal appearance. These two qualities greatly impact the public perception of Capuchino students and it may often determine a person’s employability.  School is the student’s place of business, and it is our goal that your academic performance matches how you present yourself at school.

The district recognizes that the type of clothing and style of hair are a matter of personal choice, yet the school must also remind students of the expectations held by an institution of learning for what is acceptable. Three primary factors influence the District's expectation for what is acceptable.  Students are expected to dress in a manner that is not disruptive to the learning process, is safe, and does not construe gang affiliation. It is the school’s responsibility to provide a safe school environment for students, therefore, we expect all students to adhere to the Capuchino dress code. The following items are examples of what the school district considers inappropriate and should not be worn at Capuchino. This list is representative but not all-inclusive.

  1. Suggestive, revealing, or transparent attire that could divert attention from the learning process or may contribute to inappropriate conduct
  2. Clothing that does not cover undergarments completely
  3. Clothing that does not cover midriff or shorts/skirts that are too short
  4. Clothing that promotes obscenity, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, sex, or violence
  5. Clothing that demeans others with regard to gender, race, sexual orientation, religion, etc.
  6. Clothing that indicates gang affiliation or in support of gang activity, such as dice, dollar signs, area codes, XIII, XIV, Norte, Sur, W, Crip, Blood, LPL;  “bling”; clothing that is RED or BLUE, including backpacks, accessories, make-up, belts, shoes, laces, etc. or as determined by the school administration and based on consultation with the local law enforcement agency
  7. Clothing that is excessively baggy or oversized, including hooded sweatshirts, t-shirts, shorts or pants
  8. Black hooded sweatshirts (hoodies) of any size; including plain hoodies or without pre-approved logos
  9. Tagging or gang-related writing on backpacks, school supplies, shoes or clothing is not permitted.
  10. Clothing, jewelry, or accessories which are potentially dangerous
  11. Being barefoot

Repeated violations will result in further disciplinary action.

All Capuchino-wear and college gear are encouraged and acceptable.