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Reference Materials

Information Please: Almanac

Library Spot: Almanacs

Yahoo Directory: Almanacs

Find answers to geography homework or map questions.

Women's biographies: Distinguished Women of Past and Present
This is a great site for biographies of women. You can search by subject as well as name.
Search biographies

Dictionaries and Thesauruses

Your Dictionary. com provides the most comprehensive and authoritative portal for language and language-related products and services on the web with more than 1800 dictionaries in more than 250 languages.

This dictionary is for Spanish, French, English and Catalan. It also supplies synonyms and antonyms.

This is a dictionary and thesaurus plus a lot more. There are games, writing resources, and a translator included in this site.

Cambridge Dictionaries Online

Use this dictionary for quick definitions and parts of speech.

Merriam-Webster OnLine

Use this site as a dictionary and a thesaurus. Besides definitions, there are sites connected to words as well. This link will also take you to word games and the word of the day.

Free online Roget's Thesaurus of English words and phrases.

Wordsmyth: Welcome!

Here is a one-stop dictionary and thesaurus. It will also give you understandable definitions and synonyms as well as part of speech.

Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001
Containing nearly 51,000 entries (marshalling six and one-half million words on a vast range of topics), and with more than 80,000 hypertext cross-references, the current Sixth Edition is among the most complete and up-to-date encyclopedia ever produced.
Links to top web sites and content from the Encyclopedia Britannica, in one place.

Sports Glossaries
If you have ever wondered what was happening in the game, here is the place to find out. This site is a sports glossary that includes ice hockey, football, basketball, and soccer.

Other Reference -- encyclopedia of Western signs and ideograms
This site offers symbols for words you have or the reverse: lots of symbols from which you may choose. Also, there are articles explaining the origins of the symbols.

The Quotations Page - Your Source for Famous Quotes
This site allows you to search for the perfect quotation or to find the author of one you already have. You can search by author or subject, Included are quotes of the day as well as motiavational quotes.

Web Gateways
Web Gateways are sources of high-quality information sources on the Web. Sometimes, the sources found through a gateway are not found by regular search engines. In addition, all of the unnecessary "hits" one normally receives using a search engine are not here. (For other gateways and directories, see the invisible or hidden web links' page through the library media web site.)

Blue Web'n Homepage
This site is excellent for curriculum resources. It is organized by content areas, subject areas and grade levels.

FREE -- Federal Resources for Educational Excellence - Home Page
Here are links by subject to many websites. Use this gateway to find links not so easily found through a search engine.

Information Please: On-Line Dictionary, Internet Encyclopedia, Atlas, Almanac Reference
Infoplease is a place for quick facts and statistics for lots of questions. This site also includes an atlas, encyclopedia and a dictionary.

Infomine Scholarly Internet Resource Collections
Here is a list of databases spanning from biological, agricultural and medical sciences to visual and performing arts.

Information Resources for Information Professionals
This is a guide to resources information professionals use when problem solving or want to learn more about ourselves as a profession. There is also a list of special topics for information professionals.

KidsClick! Web Search
So many subjects are represented in this gateway and all of the pages are written for young people. Check this site for links for any subject you are researching.

Library Spot
Find dictionaries, encyclopedias, newspapers, maps, genealogy tools and much more on this user-friendly library and reference information portal.

Librarians' Index to the Internet -
Librarian's Index to the Internet is a great place to search for any topic. It's organized by topic and also has special features.

Martindale's: The Reference Desk
This is an incredible reference site. You can find information on any subject especially those that are Math and Science related. Everything is here!
This is a one-stop reference desk for quick answers. There are links to the major search engines as well.