Capuchino High School

Instructional Strategies

Numbered Heads


1. Useful when teaching mastery of declarative knowledge
2. Builds individual accountability in a group setting
3. Students are able to rehearse their responses
4. Students gain ...more


List-group-label is an activity that combines brainstorming and categorization as a way to help students organize concepts. Although it works best when students have some background ...more

Sample Concept Attainment

Build What I Write

1. Practice effective communication skills
2. Practice giving and following directions
3. Practice writing procedural knowledge

Book In An Hour

1. Practice oral reading skills
2. Develop listening skills
3. Create interdependence among students
4. Increase exposure to written works



Bloom's Taxonomy- Here's a list of the categories used in Bloom's taxonomy. Also included are the question words that are associated with each competency.


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Pairs Check

1. Guided practice through peer assistance
2. Develops student’s questioning and coaching abilities
3. Creates interdependence among students
4. Increases comprehension of concepts and/or ...more

Paired Reading



Synectics is effective in a variety of subject areas when the objective is to develop creative insight and deeper understanding of a topic by looking at it from a variety of perspectives. It ...more

Think - Pair - Share

1. Provides think time for student
2. Students are able to rehearse their responses
3. Students gain confidence in sharing their ideas
4. Class builds knowledge around individual ...more